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The Artemis was a generation ship intended to carry five thousand crew and passengers in cryostasis to GJ 667Cc (also known as Gliese 667Cc), a super-Earth. Launched on 2232.2.12, the journey was expected to take over 200 years, with the piloting being done by an artificial intelligence known as Janus. It lost contact shortly after leaving the solar system.


The purpose of the Artemis was to bring the terraforming equipment and 5000 colonists to Gliese 667Cc.


The ship launched on 12th of February 2232. The launch of the Artemis was performed manually by the captain, rather than by the ship's AI.

Known crew member[]

  • Mission Director: Justin Cobb
  • Captain: Lisa Danvers
  • Chief Engineer: Arthur Kenlo[1]

Discovered artifacts[]

  • A piece of hull plating was found in the Stanton system by Shubin Interstellar. It is believed that the Artemis sustained damage, and that Janus, the ship's AI, woke some of the engineering crew in order to touch down for repairs. However, according to a simulation, Janus was unable to put the crew back into cryostasis.
  • An original copy of Janus was purchased by the Hartley Museum for an exhibit on the Artemis. It was later seized by the Nebula Bank because the museum failed to pay loans, and then stolen by one of the explorers hired by Shubin in order to trace the route that the Artemis could have traveled.
  • A thruster was found on Oso II. It was an object of worship for the native people and showed that twelve of the crew, including Kenlo, interacted with the Osoians by teaching them how to make fire and pointing out their next destination, Kallis.
  • Kenlo's frozen remains were found deep underground on Kallis IX.


  • The plate in Stanton was found in Shubin Interstellar's strip mining operation on MicroTech.[2] Its discovery lead to Shubin hiring explorers in an attempt to locate the rest of the ship. This piece now rests in the Hartley Museum in London on Earth.
  • The original copy of Janus was kept by the explorer who stole it. It now runs her ship instead.
  • As Oso is a protected system, it is likely that the thruster was not recovered.
  • Kenlo's remains were lost in the excavation activity that revealed them.

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