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The Arrowhead "Boneyard" Sniper Rifle is a medium to long range size 3 semi-automatic energy sniper rifle with a twenty round capacity (the in game information lists the ammo capacity incorrectly as 40 rounds, but only 20 rounds are available), it is manufactured by Klaus & Werner. The rifle is sold with a size 3 Touchstone (8x Monitor) scope and can be modified with size 2 barrel and underbarrel attachments.

This energy rifle fires a single energy laser round in a semi-automatic fashion. This round can be charged, however, causing the inside of the barrel to begin to glow, and be released for extra damage. This charged shot does take more out of the battery than a standard shot, generally using the equivalent of 5 rounds.

As a sniper rifle, the Arrowhead excels in medium to long range combat, and is recommended to those who prefer the support role. In close quarters however the Arrowhead can be less effective due to its slower firing rate than weapons such as the Gallant Rifle.

Klaus & Werner's Arrowhead Model VI long-range energy rifle features a fiberglass composite body capable of withstanding any number of rigorous environments both in atmosphere and out. Built with a precision stock, compound scope and built-in bipod, the Arrowhead offers a stable and devastating weapon for operators who want to keep their distance, but stay in the fight.

–In game description


Barrel attachments
Optic attachments
Underbarrel attachments
Magazine / Battery Arrowhead Sniper Rifle Battery (10 cap)


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