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The Aril Arms Hazard is a medium armor arm manufactured by Greycat Industrial, it is part of the Aril Hazard armor set that features a yellow color scheme.

Originally designed for miners, the Aril armor includes a fully enclosed helmet and high collar providing additional support and protection for the neck and back of the head. An integrated tool belt and attachable backpack can accomodate a variety of tools and supplies to keep your hands free. The Aril armor is available in a variety of vibrant colors to fit your personal taste and for easy identification on the jobsite.

–In game description


Store name Price aUEC Location
Cargo deck store (Baijini Point) 720 Baijini Point
Cargo deck store (Everus Harbor) 720 Everus Harbor
Cargo deck store (Port Tressler) 720 Port Tressler

Armor set

Front Back Name
Aril Hazard armor set front.png Aril Hazard armor set back.png Helmet Aril Helmet Hazard
Torso Aril Core Hazard
Arms Aril Arms Hazard
Legs Aril Legs Hazard
Backpack Aril Backpack Hazard




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