"In a galaxy full of badass starfighters, impossibly complex explorers, massive cargo ships and rough-and-ready miners, is there room for some simplicity? The team at ARGO Astronautics says: YES. The ARGO may not be any kind of warship and it’s unlikely an ARGO will ever be the first to set down on an alien world… but they are an essential part of human commerce, which makes them a valuable tool for anyone interested in building a mercantile empire.

The MPUV platform, generally called the ARGO after the company that designs and produces the ship, consists of a universal cab attached to a variety of different role-specific modules. The United Empire of Earth’s military forces use ARGO variants extensively for everything from search and rescue to personnel transport to munitions loading. The ARGO is, by all accounts, easy to pick up and fly (many new pilots train on them) and especially effective in its particular roles. Today, two variants are available for service in the Stanton System."

ManufacturerArgo Astronautics
Maximum Crew1
Mass (empty)6000 Kg
Length9 meters
Max Power Plant Size [?]1
Max Engine [?]
(primary thruster)
4 x TR1
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]20 × TR1
Max Shield [?]1

​The Argo Multi Purpose Utility Vehicle (MPUV) transport ship was mentioned as being capable of retrieving the Javelin-class destroyer's escape pods.[1] It comes in three different variants: a Personnel transport, a Rescue Vehicle, and a Cargo Vehicle. The personnel variant features a pod with eight seats and limited cargo capacity. The cargo variant has one seat, and sacrifices the rest of the pod for pure cargo capacity. We have not seen the rescue variant, but it will likely involve some sort of medical area.

It will be able to dock with certain "motherships" which it will be able to operate from. The Argo is a relatively small ship, but will be unable to fit in most ships. The ships that are big enough that we know about are the two capital ships, the Idris and Javelin, as well as the caterpillar. The ship, as of now, has no combat variant or weaponry of any type, and is purely a utility ship for larger ships and organized orgs and crews, as well as being unable to enter quantum jump, and is completely reliant on its "mothership." There is also no indication of any other variants or weapon points being added onto the Argo in the near future. The Argo will be sold alongside the Idris M and P, according to the December report. It will be released along with the Idris in the Squadron 42 update, and is already flight ready. It has been sold alongside the 2.5 update for $45 standalone. 


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