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The Ares Star Fighter is a medium-sized heavy combat fighter that features a size 7 weapon hardpoint. It is manufactured by Crusader Industries in two variants that feature different weapon types.


Ares Star Fighter Ion

Ares Starfighter Ion - concept (2).png

The Ares Star Fighter Ion features a size 7 SF7E Cannon.

Ares Star Fighter Inferno

Crusader Ares Inferno - action (1).jpg

The Ares Star Fighter Inferno features a size 7 SF7B Gatling.

Comparision table

Ares Star Fighter Ion Ares Star Fighter Inferno
Length 27.2 m 27.2 m
Beam 30.2 m 30.2 m
Heigth 5.5 m 5.5 m
Weigth kg kg
Role Heavy Combat Fighter Heavy Combat Fighter
Cargo 0 SCU 0 SCU
Avionics Qty x Model Size Qty x Model Size
Radars 1x  S  2 1x  S  2
Computers 1x  S  2 1x  S  2
Power Plants 2x  S  2 1x  S  2
Coolers 3x  S  2 2x  S  2
Shield Generators 2x  S  2 2x  S  2
Propulsion and thrusters Qty x Model Size Qty x Model Size
Fuel Intake 2x 2x
Fuel Tanks 1x 1x
Quantum Drives 1x 1x
Jump Modules 1x 1x
Quantum Fuel Tanks 1x 1x
Main Thrusters 4x Main Thruster
2x Retro Thruster
4x Main Thruster
2x Retro Thruster
Maneuvering Thrusters 12x Gimbal Maneuvering Thruster 12x Gimbal Maneuvering Thruster
Armaments and equipment Qty x Model Size Qty x Model Size
Weapons 1x SF7E Cannon  S  7 1x SF7B Gatling  S  7
Turrets None None
Missiles 16x  S  3 16x  S  3
Utility None None





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