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Arena Commander, originally known as the "Dogfighting Module", is a PVP/PVE multiplayer and single player game module that features multiple space combat modes and a racing mode. It was released on June 4, 2014[1] with Patch V0.8. The initial release included the single player modes Free Flight and Vanduul Swarm with other multiplayer modes to be gradually rolled out afterwards.[2][3]

Game modes[4]

Battle Royal

Pilots must reach the target score before they can win with a final kill.

Battle Royale is the classic deathmatch free-for-all sce-nario. Pilots are pitted against one another with the sole ob-jective of raining destruction down on each other. Points are awarded for damage and kills — there can be only one victor.

Capture the Core

Capture the Core requires a squadron of pilots to seize and secure the enemy team’s core whilst trying to defend their own. When the enemy core is returned to your base, your team scores a point. If you’re shot down while carrying an enemy core, it is dropped where your ship was de-stroyed and can be picked up by a teammate. If it is grabbed by an enemy, it will be returned to the enemy base.

Classic Race

Pure racing. Push your ship to its limit and be the first to cross the finish line.

In Classic Race, speed and agility rule the day. No weapons, just adrenaline. Take on the relatively easy Old Vanderval, the mid-level Rikkord Memorial Raceway, or the more difficult Defford Link, all at the spectacular New Horizon Speedway, in Ellis system.Drone Sim “races” are a good way to practice without anyone else to get in the way.

Free Flight

Explore without the need to kill. Meet with fellow pilots on landing pads. Inspect and even exchange ships. But beware: not all pilots are certain to be friendly.

Free Flight mode allows you to simply drop in and explore the wonders of space. Many pilots use this simulation to get fa-miliar with their chosen ship.

Pirate Swarm

Hold off an onslaught by the infamous NovaRider gang and some of their most notorious members. Your ships are limited, so excessive casualties will result in defeat.

Squadron Battle

Teams must reduce the oppsition's tickets to zero before scoring a final kill to win.

Squadron Battle is a team deathmatch where coop-eration between wingmen is paramount. Points are award-ed for damage and kills, until one team has scored enough points to achieve victory.

Vanduul Swarm

Hold off an overwhelming Vanduul onslaught led by several infamous ace pilots. UEE ships are ion limited supply so excessive casualties will result in defeat.

In Vanduul Swarm you face off against the best of the Vanduul in a series of waves that will test your skills as a combat pilot. The Vanduul attack in waves and it’s up to you and your teammates to stop them!


Image Map Battle Royal Classic Race Free Flight Pirate Swarm Squadron Battle Vanduul Swarm
? Broken Star MP MP SP/MP SP/MP MP SP/MP
? New Horizon Speedway - Defford Link - SP/MP - - - -
? New Horizon Speedway - Old Vanderval - SP/MP - - - -
? New Horizon Speedway - Rikkord Memorial Raceway - SP/MP - - - -

  • SP = Single Player
  • MP = Multiplayer

Ship rental and customization

Space ships for the use in Arena Commander can be rented for a duration of 3 days and customized, and is paid with REC.


  • According to in-game lore, Arena Commander was developed by Original Systems. It can be accessed from the Sim pod located in every player's hangar.




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Patch history

  • September 12, 2014 - Patch V0.9: Added Cooperative Vanduul Swarm game mode; Classic Race game mode; Private Matches.


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