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Multiplayer dog fighting without a persistent universe or the Squadron 42 narrative... It's for everyone to get a feel of flying and to develop tactics (and for the developers to street test and balance with real players).

–Chris Roberts [1]

Arena Commander was originally known as the "Dogfighting Module". It is a stage of Star Citizen development that was released to the community on June 4, 2014.[2] It was previously expected to be released in the late May 2014.[3] It allow players to fight against other players and AI in a deathmatch-style combat system.[4]

On May 16, 2014, Chris Roberts announced that Arena Commander was expected to be released around May 29, 2014, based on a best possible projection. The initial release included the singleplayer Free Flight and Vanduul Swarm modes with other multiplayer modes to be gradually phased out to the community.[5]

Arena Commander currently features two maps, Broken Moon and Dying Star.

History[edit | edit source]

According to in-game lore, Arena Commander was developed by Original Systems. It can be accessed from the Sim pod located in every player's hangar.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Capture the Core[edit | edit source]

Patterned after classic ‘Capture the Flag’ games but with the additional challenge of operating in three dimensional space, Capture the Core is a team based game mode that rewards points to players for capturing ‘cores’ from the opposite side of the map. Players must capture the cores and then transport them to the other side of the map to add to their energy stockpile.

In order to capture a core, your team’s core must not be currently taken. You can steal the enemy’s Core by flying through it, either at their base or out in space if it has been dropped by a teammate. If a player carrying a Core is killed, the Core will remain at the location of his death for 30 seconds or until it is either returned by an ally or stolen by an enemy.

The game ends after one team has scored 5 captures, or 20 minutes have elapsed. Kills do not progress your team to victory directly, and spending your time trying to shoot down enemy pilots exclusively will be detrimental to your team! Points are awarded for picking up the enemy Core, Capturing a Core, returning your stolen Core or killing an enemy carrying your Core.

This mode is very objective based, and players will do best to focus on protecting their core, escorting their-core carriers, and taking down anyone who has stolen their core. When choosing a ship, it is not only toughness one should keep in mind, but a ship’s respective speed. Different ships can serve different roles.

Capture the core is available to all Arena Commander-eligible backers as of August 8, 2014.[6]

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