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The Arclight "Boneyard" Pistol is a size 1 energy pistol manufactured by Klaus & Werner. The pistol offers size 1 attachments points on barrel, underbarrel and for scopes.

A handheld laser made famous as Kyle Fenris' sidearm on the hit vid show The Frontier, the Klaus & Werner Model II Arclight has become extremely popular on the civilian market. Despite its media appeal, the Model II offers a higher rate of fire than any of its ballistic counterparts. While that may diminish the weapon's stopping power, its power cell offers more than enough shots to finish the job.

–In game description


Barrel attachments
Optic attachments
Underbarrel attachments
Magazine / Battery Arclight Pistol Battery (60 cap)


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  • Unknown date: Renamed from Arclight "Boneyard" Energy Pistol to Arclight "Boneyard" Pistol.