ArcCorp (Stanton III), is the most visually impressive of the worlds today. While the other planets, even polluted Hurston, retain some indication of their natural origins, ArcCorp is now an entirely constructed world. All of the terrain has been sculpted, zoned and built upon, leaving nothing for nature. ArcCorp builds fusion engines in bulk, using the underground resources on Stanton III to provide engines for hundreds of thousands of civilian spacecraft every year. Traders porting at ArcCorp are advised that in addition to deals on weapons, they can find just about anything else here. ArcCorp is absolutely indiscriminate about who they lease property to, and hundreds of other smaller companies have made their home near the world’s north polar region. Anthropologists familiar with the Xi'An have posited that ArcCorp is the closest human equivalent to a Xi'An factory world, and many have drawn the conclusion that our civilization will someday evolve along the same lines.


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