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Star Citizen – Alpha 2.1.2

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January 29, 2016

Alpha Patch 2.1.2[1] has been released to Live, and is now available for players!This patch is a very targeted bug fix patch for Crusader and Arena Commander.

Some important call-outs: 

  • A jet-pack looking item has re-appeared on the back of characters in Crusader, that will occasionally flicker in or out of reality.
  • We are aware that ArcCorp is still suffering from some texture problems and level of detail popping.

Arena Commander Module



  • Fixed an issue where destroying the turret of a ship would render it unable to be targeted by other players.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where a ships HUD could be (accidentally) interacted with outside of free-mouse or HUDinteraction mode.

Persistent Universe



  • Made several changes to potentially resolve the extreme audio corruption that could be experienced during extended gameplay sessions.
    • If you find this is still occurring in 2.1.2, we are collecting reports and data for this issue in a single Issue Council report.


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