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The AMX-1 Repair Droid is a bot that will be made playable if the first stretch goal on Kickstarter is reached.

Our next goal here is $750,000. That is within reach as I type this message! When we get there, every backer[1] will start the game with a class I repair bot. Here's the backstory:

The legend on the Saga Datasystems' AMX-1 Repair Droid bot box says "a pilot’s best friend" and few experienced flyers would disagree. Thanks to a network of nine telescoping flex arms, the AMX-1 can access and repair any standard ship system with ease. Though it lacks the full speech boards and the emotional memory cores of more expensive models, the trademark whirring and beeping of an AMX is a welcome sound for anyone charting a path between the stars.[2]

Yeah, your AMX droid will go with you into space. As long as you have room in your ship, it will be there repairing things as you go, and you may be able to upgrade it, and make it more efficient as it's repairing. So, if you have a smaller ship and you don't have room for it, you know.. you're not going to have room for it, but I suggest we'll have room for [it in] most of the ships.

–Eric Peterson[3]


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