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The Gemini A03 Sniper Rifle is a size 3 ballistic sniper rifle made by Gemini, it features a size 1 to size 3 optics attachment point that comes stock with a (PH) OT4-RF (8x Telescopic) already preinstalled and it additionally has a size 2 barrel attachment point and a size 1 to size 2 underbarrel attachment point.

The A03 was released in Alpha 3.12.0.[1]

Devastate at distance with the A03 sniper rifle. Masterfully designed by Gemini's Tevarin co-founder Clem, the weapon balances a stylish and ergonomic design with a powerful ballistic punch. The A03 delivers an impressive rate of fire for a sniper rifle that sacrifices accuracy for urgency when successive shots are required. Considering its renowned design and unique features, it's easy to see why the A03 has become a favorite of security professionals across the empire.

–In game description


Barrel attachments
Optics attachments
Underbarrel attachments
Magazine or Battery A03 Sniper Rifle Magazine (15 cap)


Store name Price aUEC Location
CenterMass (New Babbage) 2,930 New Babbage




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