Template:Infobox Capital Ship The 890 JUMP is a promised feature of the $30 million stretch goal.[1]

Official DescriptionEdit

The rumors are true: Origin Jumpworks has a larger ship in the works! The Origin 890 JUMP is an interstellar super-yacht with exquisite styling and an array of high quality upgrade options. Travel the stars in style with multiple decks, high visibility windows and a small boat bay. Whether you’re outfitting it to explore new worlds or to take a pleasure cruise through Terra, the 890 JUMP is the epitome of luxury, class and refinement![1]

The 890 Jump is a ship produced by Origin Jumpworks. It has spacious luxury accommodations.[2]

Developer UpdatesEdit

Size UpdateEdit

The Origin 890 Jump is nowhere near as large as a Bengal.[3]

M50 Cargo UpdateEdit

If you have an 890 Jump and you're cruising around in style in the universe you could have an M50 sitting in the cargo bay and race it at various races, just like the super rich do of today's world.

–Chris Roberts on September 8, 2014[4]

Feature UpdateEdit

The 890 Jump is a big ship with top of the line luxury-class components; it's the size of a corvette, with four decks and all kinds of features [...] As far as our ships go, it's the closest thing to the original role for the Idris (except fancy!)

–Ben Lesnick on October 6, 2014[5]

Role UpdateEdit

The 890 Jump is not a replacement corvette, it's a sort of space yacht. You'll learn all about it on Friday [October 10, 2014]! It's roughly corvette-sized and has many of the same features (boat bay, large cargo capacity, bridge, etc.) but doesn't fit the same role.

–Ben Lesnick on October 7, 2014[6]



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