300i flight visual
ManufacturerOrigin Jumpworks
Maximum Crew1[1]
Standalone Price$55[2]
Mass (empty)20,085 Kg [1]
Cargo Capacity4 Standard Cargo Units [3]
Length24 m[1]
Height7 m[1]
Beam16 m[1]
Upgrade Capacity [?]6[1]
Hull ConstructionMetal
Max Power Plant Size [?]3[1]
Factory Power PlantACOM StarHeart III[1]
Main Thrusters [?]1× TR4[1]
Factory EngineHammer Propulsion HE 5.3 (TR3)[1]
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]12× TR1[1]
Factory Maneuvering Thrusters10× Origin Scalpel Precision[1]
Origin Omni Precision[1]
ShieldGorgon Defender AllStop[1]
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 1A&R Omnisky VI laser cannons[1]
Class 2Nothing equipped[1]
Class 3Nothing equipped[1]

The 300i is an all-purpose luxury ship produced by Origin Jumpworks. As a versatile ship it serves as the base for all models of the 300 series.RSIIcon Origin Jumpworks 300 series brochure on RSI Website (14.3MB PDF download)[4]

All ships in the 300 series are built with the focus on comfort.[5]

Common equipment

  • A&R Omnisky laser cannons
  • Gorgon Defender shield
  • Atlas pilot's seat
  • berth for longer spaceflight
  • reinforced armor plating
  • brushed metal hull
  • retractable landing gear
  • macetree rubber wheels
  • industry standard attach points for every component system
  • tactile response illuminated dashboard
  • built-in touch panels for remote control of all subsystems
  • yoke

The different 300 series models are compared in a dedicated article. 

Developer Updates

Interior Design Update

The 300i's interior is not expected to get a rework until at least the release of Arena Commander version 2.[6]

300i Recall

In June 2944, Origin Jumpworks issued a recall on its 300i spacecraft due to issues regarding their coolant systems.

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