The 300 Series from Origin Jumpworks consists of the basic 300i model and three variants of it fine-tuned for exploration, combat, and racing.[1] The 300i, 315p, and 325a are all based on the same hull, whereas the 350r has a modified hull, which allows for a larger power plant and a second TR4 thruster, at the cost of reducing space for cargo.

Their data are compared in the following tables.

Basics 300i 315p 325a 350r
length (m) 24 24 24 24
crew (max) 1 1 1 1
mass, empty (kg) 20000 23000 21500 17000
focus touring exploration interdiction racing
Structure stats        
upgrade capacity 6 6 6 6
cargo capacity (t) 8 8 8 5
engines ACOM StarHeart III Alliance Startech KS3-9 Wei-Tek VHT2 Plus ACOM StarHeart IV
main thrusters Hammer Propulsion HE 5.3 (TR3) Dragon Stellar STC Silver (TR4) Hammer Propulsion HE 5.3 (TR3) 2× Hammer Propulsion HM 4.3 (TR3)
maneuvering thrusters 12× TR1 12× TR1 12× TR1 12× TR1
shield Gorgon Defender AllStop Gorgon Defender AllStop Gorgon Defender ForceWall Gorgon Defender AllStop
2× Class 1 (outer wings) 2× A&R Omnisky VI laser cannon 2× A&R Omnisky VI laser cannon 2× A&R Omnisky VI laser cannon 2× A&R Omnisky III laser cannon
1× Class 2 (nose) nothing equipped Greycat Industrial Sure Grip Tractor beam 1× K&W mass driver cannon nothing equipped
2× Class 3 (inner wings) nothing equipped nothing equipped Talon Stalker IR twin nothing equipped
Additional equipment nothing equipped Origin Explorer Jump Engine Chimera Jump Scanner WillsOp Custom Weapons System nothing equipped



  1. RSIIcon Origin Jumpworks GmbH 300 series brochure (14.3MB PDF Download), pp. 13–17
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