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Standard intro

Question 1 - Real world money

What is your opinion on being able to make real world money from playing online games?

Would you consider such a system for Star Citizen?


Answer 1

That' a good question, I actually was thinking about this a lot at the beginning. I thought it would be really cool that you could be playing this game and making some real world money from toiling away virtually.

But right now we don't have any plans for that. There are some legal issues to be dealt with. Then also I had some concerns about whether that would potentially bring something to the game that may make it less fun and be problematic.

So right now we don't have any plans, we may assess it in the future, but I would really like to see how the Persistent Universe plays, how everything works, how people interact with each other, before making the decision about that because I think that potentially could be fairly unbalancing. I know that there were issues on Diablo with the real money auction house.

So, interested intellectually, but not necessarily convinced I want to put it in the game just yet. So that will be a "put a pin in it" one.

Chris Roberts

Question 2 - More dogfighting-focused ships

The Hornet is a pure bred dogfighter and a nice design, but it also has the feeling of bein the F-18 of the UEE. Will we see different designs of pure bred dogfighters in SC or will it remain more along the lines of Hornet vs. Vanduul fighter?


Answer 2

No, I think we're definitely going to see some other dogfighter designs. We're definitely going to have another UEE fighter craft. We're still in the process of finding that out.

We obviously have a couple of military spec bombers that we've talked about, one is the Gladiator, one is the Retaliator, and right now we only have one dogfighter. Obviously it's kind of a multi-role fighter, which is really what an F-18 is, but I think you would probably have a more space superiority fighter, and maybe even a lighter design than the Hornet.

So yes, there will be more, and stay tuned. That will be something we'll be fleshing out for Squadron 42.

Chris Roberts

Question 3 - Purchased hangars vs PU hangar location

If I’ve purchased more than one package, each including a hangar (Business and Deluxe), and also purchase an Asteroid hangar, will that translate into at least two hangars when the Persistent Universe comes out?


Answer 3

Hmm, that's kind of a good question.

We were sort of thinking that you would have one home base hangar and then if you wanted to have "forward bases" or whatever, you would rent hangar space on a planet. So I don't know, because currently the design would say no to that, although there could be an argument to say "well I'm got multiple packages so each one should have a hangar and therefore I should be able to place them in different places," but really the concept of the hangar was, we were just giving you a free place to have all your stuff, it wasn't that you would be buying multiple houses around the universe.

So I would say, I don't know whether the two hangars... I mean it's a difficult question to ask on the asteroid hangar because that's a very distinct thing, and it's more in a different location than say a business or a deluxe hangar.

So I guess my question would be, not my question, my answer would be: We haven't made the decision on that yet, but that is a good point. So I take that off and be thinking about how to make that equitable without having someone buying 20 packages and snapping up a bunch of real-estate that they can put all around the universe. Because that would sort of defeat part of the purpose of getting people to play because actually being able to get a hangar and all the rest of the stuff should take some work to achieve and I don't want everyone to suddenly be 100% fully set up.

So it's a good question, I will think about that, but I don't have a good answer for you right now. But you brought it up, so that's already a victory.

Chris Roberts

Question 4 - AC releases

Will the Dogfighting Module be released in sections depending on the ships that can be used and if so, will I have to wait until my ship (the Aurora LN) is playable?


Answer 4

Ok, so the dogfighting module itself is going to be staged in various releases.

The first dogfighting release is going to focus on the single-seater ships. So the multi-crew ships won't be in the very first release of the dogfighting. That will be a later release, mainly because there's a whole extra level of network complexity with multiple people running around the ship, and we've got to simulate the physics separately.

That's all stuff that's in development, we're working on it right now, but it won't be ready for prime time by the release. So our focus or dogfighting 1 is the single-seater ships which would be primarily our test case is the Hornet, but also the Aurora, the 300i, the Cutlass, and the Aurora--sorry, no, the Avenger, would all be the ships that we would be focusing to have out, ready for dogfight v1. Not all of them are going to make it 'cause there's a huge amount of assets that have to be built. Yes, you have them in the hangars right now, but you don't have all the damage states and all those bits. We are working on those, so we have quite a lot of people working on all the parts, but our approach is, on the dogfighting module, that when v1 is ready to go, we're not going to hold it up because we don't have every single one of those ships. But as soon as they're ready, they'll be patched in.

So the likelyhood is the Aurora is probably going to be there for dogfighting v1, as will the Hornet and hopefully the 300i, because those are the three most common single-seater dogfighting ones. Then the other ones will be more about "will they make it in time," and if not, they will come in a few weeks later. So hopefully that answers the question. I think if you've got an Aurora, you're probably in luck so to speak.

Chris Roberts

Question 5 - Organization bases

With the organizations being a huge hit with the community, I was wondering if organizations will have the ability to be more than just a shell that encompasses a group of players under the same banner, will they have the ability to perhaps build a base from which they can produce items such as ammunition, which could meant that a refinery would be needed to extract relevant materials from resources collected from salvage or mining?


Answer 5

So yes, that is actually the goal of organizations is, they're not just meant to be a friends list.

Organizations ultimately will be able to tax or tithe their members and have common assets. So everyone can put money in and the organization can buy some ships or the organization can buy some real estate. Ultimately an organization could potentially be controlling an economic node. An economic node is when we talk about a factory producing weapons or a mining operation mining materials.

So one of the goals of the organization system is to allow groups of people to work together and maybe achieve objectives that a single person won't be able to do by themselves. Which would be controlling a big mining operation or something like that. So I hope that answers your question.

Chris Roberts

Question 6 - Organization vs NPC relations

When player organizations enter into direct conflict, how will NPC organizations such as the UEE respond? Will there be a need for a declaration of war such that the UEE recognizes the conflict and does not interfere?


Answer 6

That is a good question again.

I don't really think the organizations necessarily have to declare war against each other because they're essentially private corporations, groups of people, or guilds, and there's always conflicts between them.

Now of course depending on what happens or where the battles happen, the UEE may step in. So two organizations can not go toe-to-toe out in the orbital space of Earth. The UEE is going to say "conflict is not allowed in this safe area," whereas you could probably be fighting in the outer edge of the galaxy and that would be fine because there isn't any sort of UEE rule.

So I kind of see that organizations fighting each other will mostly be fighting over areas of resources that are on the fringe of the UEE controlled space. And then there will be some clandestine activity happening inside UEE space, but there won't be all out war right in the middle of UEE space because that would be problematic. Just like if you had IBM and Apple had a bunch of mercenaries and started shooting each other in the streets for dominance of the tech industry. Probably the United States of America would frown upon such action.

So it will be along those lines, I mean maybe we'll find a way to allow the organizations to bring conflict on a more limited stage into UEE controlled areas, but for me I feel like I would like to see competition via industry and business, and then back-door stealthy kind of stuff where people are going after each other. Then all out warfare is on the edges of the galaxy.

Chris Roberts

Question 7 - Oculus Rift compatibility

Is CIG taking steps in Star Citizen to make the game more Oculus Rift compatible than just making the headset work in game?


Answer 7

Well yeah, I mean we're going to make the Oculus Rift work for the Oculus Rift in the game, we're not just having the Oculus Rift be you look around and that's it.

So the final implementation of the Oculus rift will—First of all the head of your avatar will be disconnected from the animations that you have typically. Like if you were normally running around when we get into a ship, the head position is controlled by the animation of the character climbing up to it, whereas when Oculus Rift is running, the head position is going to be controlled and tracked by the actual head position tracked off the Oculus Rift. Then we're going to use the Oculus Rift for, basically looking around and wherever you're looking will inform the things you can select and do.

So playing it with the Oculus Rift will be fairly intuitive. So we're definitely, it's not just going to be tacked on. There are some specific changes in the code to work best with Oculus Rift or other head sets similar to Oculus Rift.

Chris Roberts

Question 8 - Inertia physics

Question about inertia, if a carrier crashed into a large object, will any ships it carries be thrown about the deck?

Especially ships that have been de-anchored and are on the flight deck about to launch.


Answer 8

Yes, we are going to simulate... So basically if a ship that has crew aboard or unattached items aboard gets a big impact or explosion outside, you know, someone crashes into it, what we will do is actually generate an impulse for the unfastened or unattached objects inside.

So the ultimate goal is you get a big hit one a bigger ship, a multi-crew ship, and the ship lurches like you see in Star Wars or Star Trek, you know, everybody lurches on the deck. So that's a big goal, so it should be pretty cool when we get it working. That's actually one of the goals of the bigger ships and the capital ships and the multi-crew ships.

Chris Roberts

Question 9 - Counter-boarding ships

Question: What if someone failed to board my ship? Can I keep theirs as they are all dead trying to take mine? Or will that still be considered as stolen?


Answer 9

I think that's a great question, and my instinct is that, if someone tries to board your ship and capture yours, and you kill them in the process, then yes, you are fully ok with having their ship and it will not be considered as stolen.

Whether you got CCDs that prove you were acting in self-defense or whatever, but I definitely think that should be a penalty if you're trying to raid someone. You potentially could lose your ship if you die.

So the answer is yes there.

Chris Roberts

Question 10 - Beam weapons

The Retaliator pictures included a concept of the bomb bay loaded with a “retractable beam gun.”

Later on I heard that beam weapons wouldn’t be included in the game because you’re not a fan of them. Will there be beam weapons in Star Citizen, and if not, why don’t you like them?


Answer 10

No, I don't dislike beam weapons. I mean I like the Star Wars sort of laser bolt stuff because I grew up seeing a lot of that in sci-fi, so obviously we have that in Star Citizen, but we're probably going to have some bigger beam weapons. Not necessarily on a fighter craft, but on a big capital ship stuff. We're talking about having that maybe on a spinal mount or maybe a really big ship-to-ship turret.

So we will definitely have some beam weapons, but they'll be more for slow moving, whether it's cutting into a hull or something like that, but it won't be fighter based. That will be more the traditional Star Wars side.

Chris Roberts


Alright, so that's the end of this episode, I've answered the ten questions.

Again, thank you for listening and thank you to the subscribers out there for subscribing. And thank you to all the backers out there for backing Star Citizen and enabling us to make this incredibly ambitious, but what I think is going to be a super awesome and fun, experience. So thank you all, and I will catch you next week.

Chris Roberts

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