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Hello everyone this is Ten for the Chairman for those of you who haven’t seen this show yet this is where I take ten questions from the subscriber and answer them so without further ado, let’s go ahead and answer the first question.

Chris Roberts

Question 1 - Youtube copyright

With the new Youtube copyright issue with companies redacting videos or claiming them as their own, will you allow videos of Star Citizens?


Answer 1

So the simple answer is yes. We’re actually quite excited when everyone is sharing videos of Star Citizen. It’s really cool to watch everyone show off their hangar and how the different ships look and the fun and shenanigans they get up to. So we’re sort of in favor of you guys sharing gameplay, hangar videos, whatever it would be as far as that. So we’ll be trying our best to not tell Youtube to block the content.

Chris Roberts

Question 2 - Insurance increase for loss of ship

Will the insurance premium go up the more you lose your ship?


Answer 2

So that’s a pretty good question. We haven’t fully balanced that sort of stuff yet. We’ve has discussions about obviously if someone is constantly losing their ship or ding dumb things like ramming into other people then there should be a penalty because that would happen in the real world and you don’t want to encourage bad behavior, you just don’t’ want to punished someone for being unlucky and happening to get attacked. Because whether it’s NPCs or players, you’ve still lost your ship. So we still have to balance that, but I would say that the general idea is if there is sort of a sniff of something like insurance fraud or bad behavior, then maybe the insurance premium would go up to dissuade you from doing things like using your ship as a ramming weapon in dogfighting. But not fully decided. That will be balance thing that we’ll tune as we go along.

Chris Roberts

Question 3 - Disengage from combat

How will we be able to disengage from combat? Will it always require us to have a faster ship than our adversaries or will there be other ways to evade them?

–Mae Linn

Answer 3

Again that’s a good question, and that’s a balance thing so we haven’t 100% figured out would it always just be about out running, or would there be other ways? We’re certainly going to allow you to control your radar image in terms of how hot or quite you are basically, so there potentially could be, depending on the situation and environment, there definitely could be places where you could essentially hide behind an asteroid field and turn all your systems off and then you would have almost no radar profile and then you would go off people’s scopes and then they could potentially pass along so that would be one way to get out of it. And then of course if you had a faster ship then potentially you could get away too, and we’re kind of thinking of some dynamics that would fall into the whole rationale behind whether we cap velocity at the low speeds, but we still allow you to reach much higher speeds when you’re travelling between nav-points in space because in those cases you’re just accelerating in a straight line. So we haven’t fully figured all that out, but we’re going to try to come up with some good ways, but also have it a way so you can’t always run away from combat, because that wouldn’t be that much fun for a bunch of other people. So again, a balance thing.

Chris Roberts

Question 4 - Ship buying/selling

How will in game ship buying and selling work in Star Citizen? In the good old wing commander privateer game, I had to search the verse for different traders and compare the available offers. I could imagine, in Star Citizen, it would be the same, but with more details like negotiation prices/options, organize transports, etc.


Answer 4

So definitely in Star Citizen I kind of want the buying and selling to be immersive so you walk into a showroom and there’s actually an NPC sales guy there and he’s telling you why you should really be stepping up to this particular model 300i spaceship and sort of make it feel like you’d be buying something in the real world. And on top of that I have some idea for negotiating price to make it fun and also I kind of want to make the gameplay be very focused around forcing you as a player to venture around the universe. So for instance you shouldn’t be able to go to every planet and buy exactly the same ships on every planet, so I want you to be able to go from one corner of the galaxy because this is the place that makes the best dogfighter and the other side of the galaxy is the place that makes the best information runner, so you sort of go around and adventures around to buy different equipment and different ships, so you make the trek to go to this one corner in the universe where the guy is the best gunsmith every and he can increase the range of your long range ballistic weapon by 20% and so the idea would be you would sort of fly around the galaxy and cover a lot of light years trying to make sure that you got the best weapon or the ship you want and all the rest of the stuff so I think it will be more so than privateer, more so than freelancer, and I think it will work quite well.

Chris Roberts

Question 5 - Banking

Have you given any thoughts to how in-depth the banking/account system in the PU will be and how it will be tied in with the org-system?

–Malcom “Kodiak” Knight

Answer 5

So we’re still on the early stages of the whole banking account system but one of the points the of the organization is to allow an organization group of people to be able to manage join finances so you’ll be able to charge the members of your guild or organization membership fees, you’ll be able to have a pooled account that you could buy things or buy real-estate or do stuff that would be able to be shared by the organization. So I would think that we would probably try to push the banking account system to be fairly sophisticated to be not too different from what you get in the real world. I don’t know if we’re going to have the stock market to the extent you would have the stock market in the real world, but we would probably have something that would be fairly similar as well.

Chris Roberts

Question 6 - Leveling actions/increasing action efficiency

Will there be a way to improve efficiencies with equipment, jobs, tasks, and general actions within the game? In essence, will there be a leveling-up system where we can improve our ability to mine resources, haggle prices, fast travel, detect other ships, etc through man hours (experience) to unlock new equipment, areas, and quests/missions?

–daDuke Fische

Answer 6

So that’s kind of a two part answer because this is not a traditional MMO, there is no leveling it’s not like you start at level one and you’ll work your way up to level 20. So a lot of it is to do with your skill set, but then again equipment and things that you’ve got help you in doing these jobs and tasks, so I think doing things like being a better miner will involve going mining, doing it, learning the skills so to speak yourself, actually doing it, not learning it as in I’ve gone from level 1 miner to level 5 miner, and having the right equipment, so you’ll have to buy the equipment, upgrade your equipment, you know maybe go to some specialty place that does 10% better or 20% better equipment, so it’s a combination of your actual player skills, you as a person , and then also the equipment you’re using will be our version of leveling-up, there will be some stuff where perhaps, you wouldn’t be able to operate certain items or equipment without the right license, you would have to maybe do something like a driving test. So in today’s world you can’t just drive an 18 wheeler truck, you have to have a license to do that. So we may have something like that. But in general, the leveling tasks will be a more real world based. IE based on your skill and the equipment you’re using, not based on an arbitrary roleplaying level. So I hope that makes sense.

Chris Roberts

Question 7 - Jump point navigation failure

What happens if I fail during the first transit of a jump point? Seems like a quick way to an empty casket.


Answer 7

Well if you were charting a jump point for the very first time having to fly yourself then yes, if you mess up during the charting it potentially could kill you or you could be spat out in some random system and not know how to get home, but generally if it’s already been charted and your nav-computer has the jump trajectory and coordinates already programmed in, then you will automatically make it and you’ll be fine. So really the risk in jump points is for the uncharted jump points where you don’t have a nav path already set. So I hope that makes sense.

Chris Roberts

Question 8 - Asteroid asset creation process

Are asteroids and other space objects built in a modular fashion like the shops? It seems like you could design a few different building blocks for constructing asteroids, and then randomly assemble them in lots of different ways.


Answer 8

So that is a good question. We definitely have quite a few different asteroids, but we’re actually doing R&D right now into a bunch of procedural generation of asteroids and asteroid fields, so I know there has been a lot of talk about procedural stuff and crafted stuff which Star Citizen is more of a crafted experience, but we certainly are using elements of procedural generation to help us flesh out a lot of the world. So my goal is to make sure that everything feels designed and crafted, but you use elements of procedural generation to give you the variation that you need. So asteroids are a great example of that where we have certain rules for asteroids, but we may procedurally be generating the asteroid field or the asteroids themselves. So we’re actually doing some pretty cool and interesting work on that and down the road w will probably be sharing that with you guys.

Chris Roberts

Question 9 - Star map

What ever happened to the starmap? I remember a while back an in game 3D starmap in the works. From the old videos it looked pretty much done. Any word on when we will see that for the community?

–Christopher Mallec

Answer 9

Good question. The star map, that was sort of an early prototype that we had mocked up inside the engine. It’s not something that I’m ready to share yet. First of all we’ve got a bunch more stuff to do with it in terms of fleshing out all our systems and making sure that we’re happy with them, but also just in terms of the interface and how it works so we’re actually doing a lot of work right now on what we call our holo-renderer which is the system that’s going to be rendering 3d holographic objects as well as data and text on it and that’s going to form pretty much all of our systems so that would be the Mobiglas that you have as you run around and you’ve seen in the fiction. Sort of your first person HUD if you’ve got a combat suit on. Your ship HUD, which is when you’re flying the ship, and we kind of want it all to sort of have this, whether it’s an Iron Man feel or a Minority Report feel, or like you’ve seen in Prometheus with the holo-stuff. But the idea is there’s a lot of floating objects that you can manipulate and move around and obviously the holotable, the equipment device in the hangar was very preliminary sort of work and a prototype of using some of this stuff. But we’re doing stuff that’s well beyond that. There’s going to be much cooler which we haven’t shown you guys yet and that will also be something that would drive the starmap and the 3d maps and when you’re inside your ship and stuff like that. So it will be a while before we show it to you, but when you see it I think you’ll be pretty happy, it’s pretty cool.

Chris Roberts

Question 10 -

No question 10.

Answer 10

No question 10.


Alright, I hope you guys liked my answers, thank you very much for writing in the questions, thank you always for supporting the game project. Anyways, it’s a lot of fun, it’s great to be back here back in 2014, and we’re ready to do some awesome stuff this year. Talk to you next week.

Chris Roberts

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