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Questions and Answers

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Question 1 - Player capture mechanic

Have you considered handling the capture of criminal player characters in a similar fashion to death mechanic? Maybe after being arrested a number of times or if the crimes were great enough the player character would be sentenced to life in prison.


Answer 1

Yes, the capturing the criminal players stuff has been discussed, we've talked about being captured multiple times, maybe the more you're captured the harder it is to get out of prison, and perhaps if you're caught too many times you might need to go on to your next character/next of kin for death sentence. It's kind of one of those things that will be configured when we get the PU more fleshed out, the basic systems are in place at the moment like our healing a spaceman article went into, FPS damage you can take, and how we're approaching it in a different way than in a normal FPS game. We'll share more as we go along, but you'll like it, we're doing it differently. Rather than calling SC a space sim, we're thinking of it as a First Person Universe, and you can pretty much go and do all these things in a high amount of detail, it just so happens that one of these things you can do is to fly ships around.

Chris Roberts

Question 2 - FPS corpses

Will corpses in FPS have hit boxes, which in effect would allow them to be used as shields?


Answer 2

Yes, definitely dead bodies or "rag dolls" have their own collision geometry, so if they get hit the will absorb bullets, so if you get behind one it can be used as a shield.

Chris Roberts

Question 3 - Missions not requiring your ship

After a difficult mission where you barely got back alive and have spent all of your credits fixing up your ship, what do you do if you don't have enough credits left to refuel your ship? Are there going to be missions that will not require your own ship?


Answer 3

Well this goes to the mechanic where you don't have enough money to do certain things, in this case refuel, there are 2 things we're thinking of doing, allowing players to take a loan out from a loan shark kind of thing, needing to be paid back as soon as you can, and the other thing is if you've lost your ship and you want to get back into the game and want to earn it back without buying it/insurance, we'll allow players to accept paying jobs from other players or NPCs to do things like be a pilot, or do menial jobs, so you'll not be able to earn a LOT of money here, but you'll be able to earn enough to say, get your ship repaired, or get some fuel etc. So we're following the real world there, if you don't have your own ship or you've lost it somehow you'll have to work back up to it.

Chris Roberts

Question 4 - Comets and ice harvesting

As the European Space Agency's Rosetta Spacecraft and Philae Lander made history, this begs the question - Can players expect to see comets flying around in Star Citizen? Furthermore, has CIG ever considered an "ice harvesting mechanic" for comets and/or ice fields?


Answer 4

Well I'm pretty sure we'll have things like comets as part of our cellestial bodies, and there will likely be some kind of intersting harvesting/mining mechanic. We'll have plenty of different and interesting ways to make money in space, how you mine stuff whether it's minerals or gathering fuel and stuff like that. I think comets could fall into that category.

Chris Roberts

Question 5 - EMPs vs cybernetic limbs/implants

In regards to the loss of limb and replace it with cybernetic arm mechanic, if I have a cybernetic arm ad an enemy throws an EMP grenade at me would I lose control of my arm?


Answer 5

That's actually a good question, I would think if you're EMP'd and you have a cybernetic arm there's a good chance that arm would be out of action for a brief period of time like a stun grenade. Although we haven't implemented that yet, I would think that's what would make sense in those situations.

Chris Roberts

Question 6 - Tractor beam environment manipulation

With the introduction of the 315p, one of the things I've been looking at has been the tractor beam. Will we be able to manipulate our environments to better suit us in combat? For example, can we tow asteroids into different positions, or launch/slingshot debris at our enemies?


Answer 6

Well the tractor beam isn't implemented yet, but it's going to have a control/grav mechanic, it'll make whatever you're hauling with it be "connected" to your ship, so you should be able to treat it like dragging around a piece of mass. I don't know what the strength of the beam will be yet, but assuming that there's one that you can grab hold of, you could fly your ship around and release the asteroid with momentum enough to continue in that direction. So potentially I could see people using the tractor beam in interesting ways for combat. It'll all be physically simulated correctly, think of the tractor beam as a virtual rope, and just like that there'll be limits on how big an object and how much mass you can tow etc.

Chris Roberts

Question 7 - Bed/toilet/showers functionality

Will beds still have a functional purpose in the PU? What about toilets and showers? Will they be used for anything more than an interactive decoration in the ship or will they provide a specific benefit for gameplay?


Answer 7

We've talked about beds being used as sort of a save-point in space, if there aren't enemies around that'll be where you can leave and come back to rather than having to land each time. Toilets and showers we've been talking about, but I think of it as a bit of a light-weight way to make these things all make sense, in terms of relevance, so you'll probably need to sleep eventually, after too long you might perform worse 'cause you're tired, or you need to eat occasionally, or if you don't shower for a while some NPCs won't want to talk to you 'cause you smell, etc etc. I'm not saying we go to the level of full-life simulation, but it'd be fun to have these things have a small effect on how you're perceived or how you exist in the universe. Our goal is to make SC as much as real universe as possible, a lot more than just about dog-fighting and cargo hauling, I want you to sight-see, fly around and see all the cool stuff there is in the universe, like maybe a restaurant on terra inside the big sky-sphere, like eating at the top of the empire state building, it might be a tough reservation to get, the food would be all a bit decorative, like drinking the drink from the flare cabinet. It might be a collection thing, like I might get a signed menu from the chef at that restaurant that I can put back in my hanger as a collectable/mementos. There's a level of stuff around the universe that I want to have that's more about fleshing out the universe, to give a sense of "world". So in answer to the question, I think those things would be a lightweight way to make the universe more real, so if you don't eat now and then you might get blurry vision or something, not sure we'll go that far, but we're trying to make these things have more meaning than just hte decorative.

Chris Roberts

Question 8 - Science mechanics and impact

What kind of mechanics do you have in mind for science and how do you see science being profitable/interesting? Also how big of an impact can we expect our science to have on the verse at large?


Answer 8

That's a fairly big question to answer, I don't necessarily see science as an individual thing. We've talked about have a science specific ship, but that'll be more about exploration, scanning things, whether it be finding an alien artifact, or figuring out how to break down some Xi'an technology to use on your ship. There's not going to be a specific role that you'd say "Oh, I'm a scientist and I sit back and do research, and after 4 years I'll come up with a new way of doing jump travel" for example, because that's too much of a nebulus game path , 'cause you really need to be doing stuff all the time. At least right now we don't have a science role planned where a player could do experiments every day then eventually perhaps find a new piece of tech. I think longer term we'll have new technology into the world in a fun way, so maybe we'll get players involved and say, if there's an alien artefact, a player might get a reward for finding it, they might take it to the UEE science base, and then a couple of weeks later they come out with better fusion engine tech based on that find or whatever. So there'll be ways that players can be involved, but we haven't really figured that out. Longer term there might be a science play-path for that, but for now science is more of an abstract concept. There might be actions and play-styles that could pertain to that, but it's not really a career path that anyone can take as their sole role.

Chris Roberts

Question 9 - Home and real estate

Is there a possibility that we get to choose our "home" on a planet. Let's say for instance that one has discovered a beautiful planet and decides that he/she wants to set up camp on that planet and live there. Can we build or buy our home/hanger [NN: Gah!] and place it on the planet?


Answer 9

We're definitely going to let you aquire real estate on planets/locations, not sure if it'll be one every one, but maybe just the developed planets at first, like there might be a hangar you can buy on a nice planet, or a penthouse with a view or something. Longer term we want to have procedural new areas on planets that might be habitable, a settlement might get started, and might grow over time sim-city style. Longer term players might be able to have their homestead on it and stuff, but that's not day 1. Definitely longer term we'll be doing this, it'll be quite fun!

Chris Roberts

Question 10 - Death frequency

How often do you envision average players dying and being replaced by their heirs?


Answer 10

That's pretty open ended, it's kind of hard to say, how many hours do these players play? Are they regularly in combat? Or are they trading in a very safe area? It all depends, I would say that dying and being replaced by heirs I'd not want to be a very frequent event for players, but there'll be people getting badly hurt and fixed up, so I think that people would only get replaced by their heirs after 6,7,8 lives, and depending on what your play-style could be, it might not happen for a year or two, or even players that have never lost a character ever. For normal play style I'd say it'd have to be something particularly infrequent, but it's so hard to give an exact timeline because it all depends on all of these factors, just like in real life!

Chris Roberts


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