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Questions and Answers

Question 1 - Procedural generation vs handcrafted

When you speak of procedural generation for planet side, will the "map" persist for everyone? Or will it last only for the time we are in the instance?


Answer 1

No, when we do PG for the planet, we'll have different levels of this, so sometimes we'll have a fully designed and constructed environment, then other times we'll have pieces of this environment designed and maybe placed by PG, then even further down the road we might have areas planet-side that are completely PG'd but that's not going to be V1, but it's definitely in the pipeline. But yes, that map, that area of the planet will be the same for all players, while the procedural technique is building and creating it, it's not randomly generated for each player, it'll be based on one seed that would create something that would be the same for each player will visit. PG for us is just a technique to be able to generate a large area/content without us having to do a lot of design work, which allows for much more content in-game.

Chris Roberts

Question 2 - Managing hired NPC

Will we be able to manage hired NPC's? For Example, can I tell them to take my Constellation to a set planet, drop off some goods, then come back without me aboard? Or, can I put them in a hornet I own and set them to escort a ship I'm on?


Answer 2

So yes you'll definitely be able to manage hired NPC's, not quite sure about exactly the level of fidelity in terms of micro management. Even back in the Wing Commander days you'd be able to have wingmen "Attack My Target" or "Form Up On My Wing" etc, so you'll definitely be able to issue commands to your wingmen. You'll also be able to issue higher level goals like, "Ok I'm hiring you, your mission is to protect my freelancer ship" so you can hire a few hornets to protect your ship from pirates, and other various tasks like that. We're going to try to make it as high fidelity as possible, but at the very least you're going to be able to hired them to run missions for you, hired them to protect you, and you'll be able to give them more specific combat-influenced commands.

Chris Roberts

Question 3 - Organization headquarters

Will organisations be able to establish some type of headquarters? If so how do you envision this developing over time in the PU? Would it be an option for organisations to create space stations in non-UEE space or would there be certain sections on planets dedicated to this?


Answer 3

I'm not sure that an Organisation would necessarily be able to create space stations, though in the long term that would be a cool idea, some sort of player generated constructions and stuff. Definitely organisations will be able to have some sort of real estate, have a headquarters, we already talked about having some sort of persistent areas in space, like an asteroid base/derelict station that a group of players can take over and make their headquarters and defend it from other players. And of course down on planets there'd be some more safe areas you could buy a "guild hall" that you could have for your organisation. Down the track we want to have real estate for players and organisations to buy and own, like factories etc which would extend to and be good for organisations.

Chris Roberts

Question 4 - Training school

Will there be a ship training school so new players can learn tips on how to fly? This may show them some aspects they may not have known about before.


Answer 4

Well so, okay, the intention in the final game is that SQ42 is your training experience, which is designed to have a cool story, but there are definitely areas that are a bit like training or tutorials, introducing different flight techniques, or management of ship systems. Once you've gone through SQ42 you'll have a good background in it all. Of course there are some people that don't want to worry about the story etc, so might just jump into Arena Commander for practise, and on the website we'll have some tutorials/lessons/reading so you can have a look at, for example, advanced space manoeuvring 1, where it'll show more sophisticated techniques and so on. So yes the game will be friendly to new people, especially for those that don't play space or flight sims already. It's actually one of the best things about developing and releasing the game like we are, there is just so much feedback and so many suggestions for how to make the game as fun as possible for release. Right now we're working on targeting, especially for joysticks and gamepads. That'll all be in 13.2, which I'm pretty sure will make a lot of you happy, I used to be terrible with a gamepad and now I'm pretty good so a lot of you will be far better!

Chris Roberts

Question 5 - Throttle control for HOTAS

Some throttle controllers have multiple throttle inputs. Would it be possible to set each of those controls to throttle an individual engine? That way if I need to make a fast turn in my Starfarer I could throttle down the left engine and keep the right one at full blast.

–Drunken Friar

Answer 5

Yes, that's actually something that, looking at the HOTAS control setups that are around, some have that ability. We've considered it, we're not 100% sure about doing it, though the system supports it as each thruster is physically modelled correctly and supplies thrust individually. So, I would say that would be something that we'd consider, as it's not too hard, but no promises. John Pritchett would be the one to do it, along with the control guys.

Chris Roberts

Question 6 - Renting ships

Are we able to rent our Spaceships to other players? If so, what happens if it gets destroyed while in their possession? Will the insurance still cover it even though I wasn't the pilot?

–Chairman Kaga

Answer 6

You definitely will be able to lend or let other players fly your ship, and yes your insurance will cover your ship when someone else is flying it, though not the other bits (like upgrades, weapons etc). As to whether you can rent it, well seeing as you can hire other players or NPCs to fly your ships, and you can lend ships, our mechanics will allow you to kinda "lend" your ship to another player and get some payment from them in return, and yes your ship will be insured.

Chris Roberts

Question 7 - Airlock/shield on capital ships

In the Wing commander film we saw the Tigers Claw hangar bay had an atmospheric shield allowing the crew to work in the normal conditions while fighters come and go through the field. Will there be any type of airlock field/shield or energy based barrier to perform this task in Star Citizen on larger capital ships?


Answer 7

Yes, absolutely yes. On the bigger ships like the Bengal Carrier there will be a type of force field so the flight crew can be on the flight deck and go about their jobs. That's one of the tasks in our graphics department at the moment, having a shield that a player or ship can go through which kinda "breaks it apart" around the ship and connects again afterwards. That's a job we've got going on right now for exactly that.

Chris Roberts

Question 8 - Location based VOIP

My question has to do with VOIP chat and location based sound fx. Will eavesdropping be possible? Will I be able to hear my mutinous crew's hushed voices echo through my hull? Or listen to big time traders discuss the details of huge mergers and trade deals?


Answer 8

Yes we definitely want to do VOIP chat and location based sound effects. So we're actually moving from one sound system f-mod, to another, WY, which will allow us to do more dynamic real-time filtering on sounds. We haven't decided fully on a VOIP solution, but the goal would be to have a system where if I'm walking around talking on VOIP in the game you'd hear my voice coming from where my character was, and the voice would be processed according to what my character is wearing, so under a helmet will be different to if I didn't have anything in front of my mouth. That's definitely something we want to do. In terms of eavesdropping, with that mechanic you could overhear two of your friends talking about taking over your Constellation then I'd say if they were stupid enough to say it over VOIP IN THE SHIP you'd be able to hear it if you were close enough. I don't know about the big time trades and deals, but we'll definitely be adding things into the PU that'll allow your to be an info trader, like finding out where a deal is going down, or a killing to make on a certain commodity etc. So that might not be necessarily VOIP, but perhaps more eavesdropping on NPCs talking or that kind of stuff.

Chris Roberts

Question 9 - Refining minerals

In regards to mining, will we be able to refine raw materials ourselves in order to cut out a middleman or will we have to bring them to some planet and pay for someone to refine them for us?


Answer 9

I would say in the mining stuff, you're going to refine the raw materials, at some point we'll likely enable players or organisations to own nodes down the chain, so maybe there'll be a specialist refinery ship, or a node in a factory on a planet. So if you owned that node you'd be able to refine and sell it on as a more finished resource or whatever that'll be. We definitely want to allow players to focus on engaging in the economic aspect of the PU if they want to, and not have to focus so much on the combat side of it. That's really one of the big things of SC, is being able to take multiple roles, and encourages people to play co-operatively together so yes, there'll definitely be head to head/pvp stuff, but one of the coolest things is that you've got a lot of opportunities for co-op play, like multicrewed ships, or a few different ships involved in a mining operation or something. It's all about who you want to be, mercenaries, explorers, traders, search and rescue, bounty hunters, pirates, all these things make the strength of SC, either by yourself or with your friends.

Chris Roberts

Question 10 - Gambling

Will there be gambling in the PU such as high stakes poker?


Answer 10

I would say that we definitely want to have some level of gambling, or a Las Vegas equivalent in UEE space, keeping with the idea of immersion. We'll probably at some point do some minigame stuff like poker or their own gambling style games. I'm not so sure it'll be in V1.0, just because we have SO much stuff to do, but that's definitely on the agenda/list. So you could fly around, go down to planets, if it's a seedy planet you might walk around and get mugged by some NPC, or maybe a gambling den etc. We'll do all we can to make space, planets and everything in between feel alive and real, so having different things you can do, like poker against other players, would add to that feeling.

Chris Roberts


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