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f you want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible and with as much style as possible then ORIGIN’s M50 is for you. Featuring supercharged engines that counter a tiny weapons loadout, the M50 is a ship for going FAST. The core spaceframe is used by both racing teams and for military courier missions, but the civilian M50 is a luxury spacecraft like no other. Perfect for the mercenary who prefers speed over armor in a dogfight… or the weekend warrior looking to impress the ladies.

機体解説 編集

SCM 330m/s、AFB 1344m/sを誇るStar Citizenでも1、2位を争う高速な機体。 機体重量も軽く、旋回半径も小さいためレースへの適性はトップクラスである。 その反面、武装は弱く最低限度のため、戦闘では苦戦を強いられるだろう。

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