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• 11/4/2018


Hey everyone I'm new to the game, does anyone know where I can find people to play with, like a LFG?
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• 10/18/2018


Any idea when 3.3.0 Will be release?
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• 9/11/2018

What is your Ship of Choice?

What do you have in your hangar. I currently have a Freelancer, Mustang Beta, Gladius, and the yellow Dragonfly.
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• 9/11/2018

PC System Requirements

I would like know what my PC should have in it to play this game with a decent graphic quality, I had the minimum requirements placed in it but the game is already beyond that now.
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• 8/28/2018

En ruta a la 3.3

¿Aparte de Hurston y las cuatro lunas que nos deparará la actualización 3.3?
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• 8/23/2018

Low FPS Issues

Yo guys, does anyone also have low in-game FPS issues with medium-high spec pc? I normally only have around 30 FPS and sometimes the game just freezes and dropped it to 10. I understand that this game is at alpha stage, poorly optimised and still having lots of bugs and issues, but I'm just curious about what's the actual problem that's causing this.

My basic spec:
CPU: Intel i7 6950x
GPU: GTX 1080
RAM: 128 GB
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• 7/24/2018

Évoluer son vaisseau

Bien 'e bonjour, je cherche comment obtenir des pièces de son vaisseau pour l'améliorer et monter celles-ci.

Merci ! :)
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• 7/13/2018

So Uh...'s alpha 3.2?
Like the new 600i?
I know I do...
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• 7/13/2018


Yo this needs more attention so we can have good things going around in here
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• 7/8/2018

Reglements dans le jeu ?

Pourrait-on faire un recap de ce que l'on sait à propos des règles en jeu.
J'entend parler de police, de pirate, de chasseur de primes.
On pourra apparement voler des vaisseaux mais dans ce cas et t'on cataloguer pirate a vie ? Pourra t on les revendres, l acheteur cera t'il criminel.
La mort en jeu ?
J'ai lu ici que le jeu sortirai à 60$ sans vaisseaux je n'ai vu cet info nul part autre.
Y a t'il jne chance que les alphas et beta testeurs concervent quelque chose à la sortie officielle?
Voila . N'hesitez pas à ajouter des questions.
Merci à ceux qui repondront.

Un curieu.
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• 6/15/2018

Star Citizen RP

Do you know any Discord/Amino Star citizen RP server? Or if there aren't any, maybe someone is interested in it? I can create it
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• 5/29/2018

Cutlass Black Slave Turret?

Does anyone know if you can slave the turret to the pilot, or does it require a turret operator to function?

I'm thinking of putting distortion weapons on the wings and shoulders and regular energy weapons on the turret. I'm going down the bounty hunter route and thought the combo might be good.
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• 5/24/2018


Is this game on steam?
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• 5/23/2018


Were do i get the game? I is it a dvd game ?
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• 5/17/2018


I enjoy crafting a lot. Are space apartments the only thing were going to be able to craft?
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• 5/13/2018


What is the best loadout with the wildfire yet?
Post image
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• 4/3/2018

Infantry Gameplay?

I am curious on what people want with their infantry gameplay. I myself want different roles to be distinguished by the weapons and gear chosen, not points put into a perk tree. For example, if I want to be a combat medic then I grab that gear and my personal knowledge.

Roles I want to be supported
Team leader
Machine gunner

What do you guys think? Is this something others want?
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• 4/3/2018


Lets take a Ride.
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• 3/23/2018


Does anyone has an idea of where to find the differend taunts you by now can do with your spacedude?
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• 2/7/2018
[Star Citizen 3.0] How To Load Cargo Into The Aurora By Yourself
[Star Citizen 3.0] How To Load Cargo Into The Aurora By Yourself YouTube
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